Tommy Jay Brownson

Music First

I strive to show respect to the song above all else by bringing authenticity, humility, and intent into all that I do.

Genre and style show us different parts of the human experience, and I cherish every opportunity to expand myself and my abilities.


Performance | Drums and Percussion – Vocals – Guitars

Production | Songwriting – Arrangement – Tracking

Versatility | I’m grateful for any opportunity to broaden my skill set.

Original Song – If You Like

Estelle – American Boy (cover)

Original Hip-Hop Collaboration

Interviewing Artist Shebani, Live Streamed Multiple Platforms

First Video Attempt – Shot, Edited, Produced, and Performed by me.


US and WhatsApp: +1 408 838 9618
Europe: +49 176 5926 8861

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