My Music


Live unreleased track feat. Jakob Gunnarsson – Carried Away
Live unreleased track – Almost Instantly


The Intention

I’ve played for years as an instrumentalist and backing vocalist in all sorts of bands and projects, and loved every minute of it. But now, more than ever, I feel drawn to putting my own music out there and sharing a bit of myself with the world!

A great deal of my music describes the often-exaggerated tales of my blind wanderings through the world of romance. Some songs depict events were very real and others are meant to illustrate the emotional weight of a singular moment.

That’s all good and fun and very human, but as with many artists and engaged persons, I have my thoughts and opinions on the better world I would like to help create. Some of my songs are about that. And now, more than ever, I find myself compelled to use my voice to spread hope, positivity, and mindfulness.

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